Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do White Women Give Better Head Than Black Women??

Oral sex... a topic most love to experience, talk, and in some cases brag about. However, there are some people who swear they don't do it, won't try it, and feel nothing is missing from their sex lives whatsoever. Those poor souls... After hours of conversing with my male friends of various races, about giving head, I decided to write about this topic.

I spent days online reading blogs, responses, articles, even watching porn trying to get an accurate and fair answer to the the question. Do white women give better head than black women? It seems to me that the majority of information I have found on the world-wide web suggest that white women are freakier, give better head, and like sex more than black women. Now, I TOTALLY DISAGREE, being a black woman full of sexual energy, so don't shoot the messenger!!! However, I can't help but ponder why this stereotype, if indeed it is, is so widely believed. Is there any truth that might suggest white women are more freakier in bed? Or is this just another fun worthless comparison to give us something to talk about in our lives.

Although, I initially was never excited to perform oral sex when I began to explore new sexual things, I grew to enjoy it ALOT! I noticed, however, that my enjoyment really depended on my partners willingness and enjoyment of orally pleasing me as well. It was like a fun healthy competition in bed. In short, I was happy to perform oral sex, ecstatic even, when my partner felt the same way about me. Consequently, when I was with a lazy or selfish lover I didn't care too much about it.

In my personal opinion a women's bedroom performance Black, White, Asian... whatever the race depends on her open-ness and level of comfort with her partner. Sometimes women are more freakier with one guy than another because he gives her a sense of sexual freedom, chemistry, and comfort of allowing her to perform sexual pleasures with no limits in the bedroom. Personally, I think black women are just as if not more freakier than any race of people. The way we move our hips and other body parts, the passion of our rhythm in bed, our well defined lips... I mean c'mon! And if all that is irrelevant I think its safe to say Superhead showed us all that black women can do IT and do it good.

I guess my next subject should be black men vs. white men in the oral department mmmmh, just some thoughts.

Let me know what you think, love to hear you experiences? Do white women give better head than black women? Let's hear it, exercise that 1st Amendment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well, you know me, and given my track record, I can't really comment on this seeing as how I've only been with 2 white women! lol I'm gonna have to say black/mixed race women do it the best! And don't even get started on who licks it better, cause you know once you go white, you know you've been licked right! ;)

  2. LOL I just think it depends, but about that otherside... I plead No CONTEST

  3. For what it's worth, I've only been with one black women, and she gave amazing head. I've heard black guys say the opposite, so maybe its just a case of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence.

    1. I agree, I think black women give amazing head if they are into you and if you are not selfish in bed!